We're moving!

It’s official - we’re moving back to Germany.

It’s time to pack our things and say ‘Good Bye’ to sunny Southern California. In late March, we’ll be leaving this wonderful place that we called our family home for three years to go back to Europe.

Am I excited? Yes! It’s going to be huge to see our families again, especially after this year of pandemic isolation and after all these canceled visits. It will be overwhelming to experience seasons and enjoy the rich green of the German nature.

Am I anxious? Yes! How will flying during this still ongoing pandemic be? While planning this move, nothing is reliable. With a departure date that can basically change until the very last minute and with ever changing travel and entry restrictions, this transatlantic relocation is becoming an adventure. But we’ll stay calm, plan as good as we can, and try to come up with contingency plans.

Am I sad? Absolutely! This has been a wonderful place to live, work, and start our family. I am going to miss it. I’m going to miss the avocado on top of literally every meal. I’m going to miss wearing flip-flops on New Year’s Eve. I’m going to miss the beach and the trails. And finally, I am going to miss the Chemistry Department at UCI, the wonderful campus, and of course the Furche group.

What’s next? Well, I’ll be working at the FU Berlin with Prof. Dr. Beate Paulus starting April 1.